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[Based on our findings and your report, we have deduced that you best belong with the others of your kind in the Jupiter Division. Your home will be in UL-3 and you will begin your journey as a D-Rank Citizen.]
Time travel once a week.

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TG: lets do this shit [Open RP]



Panty wasn’t all for that chit chat and foreplay. As much as she liked a little teasing she was more into diving straight to the sex. But she decided she’d have a little fun with the other blond. After all, what bad could come out of it?

She never really bothered to get the name of the men she slept with, mostly because she didn’t care. They were all just another number to reaching her goal. 

Allowing him to help her stand up, she slipped her hand out of his, and wrapped her arms around his neck, their foreheads almost touching. He was a bit taller than Panty was, and at least looked to be a legal adult. Which was good because Panty wasn’t going fuck a child. She did have her limits.

"My name is Panty." The fallen angel said, giving the other her name.

"Hmm….perhaps we should go back to your place and check for any wounds, don’t you think?" The blonde asked, pushing up against him even more. 

Dave had no problem in helping her up. His parasympathetic system was finally calming down his nerves and all the lovely symptoms that normal young guys got around hot blondes. However, a flash of confusion swept over his face as she quickly let go of his hand. A giant wave of confusion crashed into him as she closed the distance between their bodies, coming dangerously close to each other’s lips.

"My name is Panty." The fallen angel said, giving the other her name.

"Hmm….perhaps we should go back to your place and check for any wounds, don’t you think?" The blonde asked, pushing up against him even more. 

He flushed over again but still attempted to keep a straight face. Dave didn’t allow his body to move—more like his body couldn’t move on its own if it tried. He bit his lip in thought for a second, contemplating the situation. Dave sighed, shaking his head.

"If you wanted to go back to my place the least you could’ve done is wined and dined me. For Christ’s sake I’m not your average carbon copied dirtied white Chevy, I’m more like a fine, polished Corvette with a hot red paint job," he said, placing his index finger on Panty’s lips to keep her at bay. "So is Panty your real name or did your parents just run out of names?

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Caliborn: Venture Outside [open/intro]


 Stupid is what it was. Stupid. Some bozos think they can just tell Caliborn that his planets were gone and think he would believe them? Maybe they should of taken a better look at who they were dealing with.  In all honesty, Caliborn could actually care less if it was “all gone” and oh-so “destroyed”. He wanted all those stinky bastards dead anyways. Too bad he wasn’t there to watch. He would have laughed though. He would have let out an evil and terrifying laugh that made the very ground below him shake in fear. Yes, that would have been so cool. He would also wear a long coat because he knew that would make him even scarier than he already was. God he was so awesome.

 Caliborn had been in his given room for a while, searching the drawers, throwing around all the pillows and blankets on the bed, tossing a pillow or two into the trash just to see what happened, standing inside the shower staring up in confusion at its purpose, that was until he got covered in water. He was sitting in the desk chair, which he placed in the center of the room, staring at the doors of the dresser he had flung open earlier. After a moment he stood up, knocking the chair over as he did so. It was boring in the room he decided. It was time to wreck havoc elsewhere. He would have changed but his clothes were already starting to dry up. So instead of changing, he left the room in search of some new entertainment.

 There wasn’t shit outside. Absolutely nothing. Okay, that was a lie. There was some shit outside but nothing that interested Claiborn, at least not so far. There some some stupid shit with a ball that he passed and some other bullshit he wasn’t interested in. Nothing was what he wanted: food. He was hungry as hell the minute he woke up. He even told the nurse to get him some candy or meat and all she did was say some stuff about lefts and rights and hand him some stupid paper full of shapes and words. What the fuck was he supposed to do with that? He ended up drawing on it which he ended up being very proud of, so much so that he even taped it onto the bathroom door. He figured out that it was map later but it was unreadable due to his scribbles across the page. Hence the main reason he ventured out.

 Ah-ha there it was. A lovely little helper for him standing around obviously awaiting him. Maybe the place did know who he was. He walked up to this helper and stood up tall in front of them, however he still remained much shorter. 



Another wonderful in this weirdass planet who’s name started with a D. Dave pondered the name for a moment. He was never really good with names, just faces. That probably was part of the fact that he was rather forgetful when it came to most things. After all, all the important information that went hand in hand with saving other people’s asses took up a lot of memory in his mind. Dave shrugged. If he couldn’t remember it, it couldn’t be that important. All that mattered right now was maybe finding some sort of familiar face if he could. That’d definitely be comforting to hi-

The Knight of Time’s eyes widened behind his heavily tinted aviators. He blinked his eyes twice before quickly rubbing them before staring at the strange creature in front of him. Was this…Caliborn? He didn’t exactly know what Caliborn was supposed to look like, except that he was green and probably weird looking. So there’s two things down. 


Dave cocked an eyebrow and folded his arms, tilting his head in a sarcastic manner.

"Dude I don’t even know where to take a guy can take a proper shit around here," he replied, his tone mocking his sarcastic body language. "I don’t even know if candy and meat is a thing on this oddball planet."

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**bc im too lazy to rewrite an open post if anyone would like to rp you can hmu and i can reply to your open post or you can refer to mine here

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TG: lets do this shit [Open RP]


Finger joint deep in her nose, Panty paid no mind to the people who stared at her as she picked her nose. Sure, some people would think it was a little obscene but the angel really didn’t care about people other than her younger sister, Stocking.


"What the fuck is this suppose to be? Some sort of heaven?" Sure, she had been trying to get back her own heaven on her planet, Earth, but there was no fucking way that this was it. Where were all the hot messenger’s? Where were the allies where they could give hardcore fingering in? What kind of sick twisted place is this?

Her thoughts disrupted by someone’s head colliding into hers. Panty was knocked down onto her ass.

"FUCK." The blonde angel said, cursing loudly. A few heads turned but she ignored it. The now angry angel turn her gaze to the person in front of her.

"LIsten here you son of a bitch, you better….." Her voice trailed off, and she blinked. Her once angry expression soothed into a sheepish one as an idea came to mind.


"Oh no! I fell down! I think I hurt myself." She said in a sultry voice. "You wouldn’t mind helping me up, would you?" Panty asked, putting on a slight pout on her face, faking that she was actual hurt. Whether or not Earth had been destroyed wasn’t really any concern of her. There were obvious still some men around, and hopefully it was enough to reach her goal of sleeping with a thousand of them. 

Panty would have to check her sex diary later, but she knew she was close to reaching his goal. The other blonde would only be a stepping stone. 

Dave jolted at first hearing the string of cuss words and near threat that flowed out of the long blonde haired woman’s mouth.


"Shit, shit, shit! A-are you al-," he began, but quickly stopped as the whole atmosphere changed around the both of them.

"Oh no! I fell down! I think I hurt myself." She said in a sultry voice. "You wouldn’t mind helping me up, would you?"

Dave fought away the blush that was creeping up on his cheeks because damn if he couldn’t deny that this lady was fine. And on top of it she was trying to pull the moves on him. However, Dave Strider was two things.

  1. He wasn’t going to lead on that he was actually interested in the possibility of following this girl’s lead.
  2. He wasn’t the type of guy to just fall head over heels over the first hot lady he sees.

Trying the best he could to keep his calm, aloof facade on the outside, he cleared his throat. Dave knelt down to level with her, offering his hand out to help her up, red eyes quickly scanning her scantily clad body for any sign of injury.

"Yeah, no problem. Sorry about that," Dave said in as even a tone as he could muster. "I’m Dave by the way."

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TG: lets do this shit [Open RP]

Dave sighed, running his fingers through his hair as he thought about the preceding events. He tried to look as nonchalant as possible. Nonchalant meaning like someone who wasn’t on the verge of a mental breakdown. If there were two things he knew it was that his home planet—or universe—was no more, and that this new planet definitely wasn’t Kansas anymore. Everyone he had been trying to save was most likely gone. It was pointless. Everything he had done to save their asses. Pointless. Or so he thought. Sure this new world was supposed to be a safe haven but it sure as hell wasn’t home

How the hell could anyone even call this a safe haven? Sure the sun is shining and the grass is green but what does it matter if there wasn’t anyone to enjoy it with. There were so many new and unfamiliar faces around and some people just looked plain weird. Then again he couldn’t really judge “weird” after meeting the trolls and whatever strange creature that decided to pop up in his normal universe. But weird people were the least of his problems. Dave had a hard enough time making friends back on Earth so how was he supposed to make friends here? He wasn’t the most approachable guy ever and if someone did decide to talk to him he’d probably make an ass out of himself. He was about the farthest away from the definition of a “cool kid” as possible, even though he liked to claim to be.

Lost in thought about how he was supposed to fare for human contact in this world—he bumped his head into someone else.

"Oh ah shit, dude. Sorry. Totally didn’t mean to fucking bump heads with you," Dave apologized, a groan of mixed pain and annoyance following after. "You okay, there?" He tried to collect himself as best as possible, luckily his shades hid any real sort of emotion that decided to slip out.


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